Y11 and 12 Summer Transition Work

Y11 and 12 Summer Transition Work – step up to sixth form studies

The Quest6 breadth of courses we offer, is designed for students aspiring to University and high level apprenticeships. The following subjects are run based on demand each year.

To hit the ground running on your courses it is actively encouraged that the resources found below are completed before September. Students are expected to produce an independent learning folder for each subject by the end of September that demonstrates that they have the work ethic to be successful on their course. The step up to sixth form tasks found below, are expected to be a part of this folder. This folder is in addition to the course folder that students would use in lessons. These activities found below have been carefully selected by subject teachers to help students make a smooth transition to sixth form whilst building important skills including resilience, independence and resourcefulness. The gap between finishing year eleven and starting sixth form is extensive. Students that remain academically active during this time have been proven to make more rapid progress through their sixth form studies.

If you have any problems accessing the transition work below, please contact Mr Kubilius, Assistant Principal, using: (JKubilius@thequestacademy.org.uk) so that we can arrange for hard copies to be sent to you.