Sixth Form Students’ Destinations

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Quest6 Sixth Formers on A-Level Results day.

(left) Tadi Mungate with his fellow Sixth Formers on A-Level Results day.

Tadi Mungate took Maths, Economics and Chemistry at A Level in Quest’s Sixth Form in Croydon, and achieved two As and a C. He also took AS Level Physics. He is now at Queen Mary University, studying mathematics, with a view to working as a computer programmer or in finance.

Every single Quest6 student from 2014-2018 has gone on to further study on their chosen apprenticeship or university course… Some of their destinations are as follows:-

  • Aston, Engineering and Applied Science

  • Bournemouth University, Psychology

  • Brighton University, Biomedical Science

  • Brighton University, Business with Economics

  • Bristol University, Philosophy

  • Brunel, Mechanical Engineering

  • Coventry University, Economics

  • Coventry University, Sports Therapy

  • Durham University, Geology

  • Durham University, Psychology

  • University of Essex, International Relations and Modern Languages

  • University of Essex, Philosophy and Sociology

  • Exeter University, PPE

  • St George’s, Therapeutic Radiography

  • Goldsmiths, University of London, Management with Marketing

  • Greenwich University, Advertising and Marketing Communications

  • University of Hertfordshire, Law

  • University of Hertfordshire, Mathematics

  • Huddersfield University, Sports Science

  • University of Kent, Biochemistry with a Year Abroad

  • University of Kent, Business Administration (with a year in industry)

  • University of Kent, Physics with Foundation Year

  • University of Kent, Sociology

  • King’s College, University of London, Chemistry

  • King’s College, University of London, Pharmacy (Masters)

  • Kingston University, Chemistry

  • Kingston University, Biomedical Science

  • Kingston University, International Law

  • University of Law, Law

  • London City University, Diagnostic Radiography

  • St Mary’s Twickenham, International Business Management

  • St Mary’s Twickenham, Philosophy

  • London Metropolitan University, Chemistry

  • London South Bank University, Game Cultures

  • London South Bank University, Business Technology

  • University of Leeds, Sociology

  • Queen Mary, University of London, Business Management

  • Queen Mary, University of London, Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Economics

  • Queen Mary, University of London, Mathematical Science and Engineering

  • Queen Mary, University of London, Science and Engineering

  • University of Oxford, History

  • Portsmouth University, Software Engineering

  • University of Reading, History and Economics

  • University of Roehampton, Accounting

  • University of Roehampton, History

  • University of Roehampton, Primary Education Key Stage 2 (Science Education)

  • University of Roehampton, Sports Coaching

  • University of Roehampton, Theology and Religious Studies

  • Southampton Solent University, English

  • University of Southampton, English

  • University of Surrey, International Hospitality Management

  • University of Surrey, Economics

  • University of Sussex, Sociology

  • University of Sussex, Business and Management Studies

  • University of Warwick, History

  • University of West of England, Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Westminster, Biomedical Sciences

  • University of Westminster, Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

  • University of Westminster, International Relations

  • University of Westminster, Law

  • University of Wolverhampton, Pharmacology

  • Secured a place on Hospitality Apprenticeship

Congratulations to all students who have graduated Quest6.


2018 Leavers Destinations