At first, I had no plans to continue into the Sixth Form, but after receiving my GCSE results and seeing how happy my teachers were for me, I realised that the support I would receive at Quest6 would be unparalleled. I am a big believer in competition being essential to educational success and having some highly motivated classmates was truly inspiring.

Idorenyin Hope Akpan

Idorenyin was Head Girl 2019-20 and is now studying Biotechnology at the University of York.

I’m proud to have been a student at Quest6. I was regularly able to see my teachers for support with specific topics, and they would go out of their way to help me feel confident in being able to asnwer difficult questions in my exams. Quest6 has a plethora of clubs and extra-curricular activities which you can join in order to de-stress yourself and keep active with friends, whether it be sport or a hobby. The Quest6 team really helped me remain optimistic and engaged with my studies during the two years and a key component of my success was the dedication and constant support of all my teachers.

Abutalib Hussain

Abutalib was Head Boy in 2019-20 and is now studying Microbiology at the University of Surrey.

I am entirely grateful for my experience as a student of the Quest Sixth form. I would not have attained grades of such high standards if it weren’t for the guidance, the assistance, and the belief that the teaching staff had for my future as a high value individual. Whether it was firm but crucial advice with my personal statement, the attention and supervision when developing my interviewing skills or even providing me with the essential resources that contributed towards my coursework. The mentorship aided towards my personal development throughout my academic year.

Kwaku Boateng

Kwaku graduated Quest6 in 2020 and is now studying Film and Theatre at University of Reading.

From the teachers to the students, there is a family atmosphere that is perfect for nurturing your child through their formative years. Every teacher strives to bring the best out of each and every student. I know that I would not have achieved success at A Level or even received/met my offer to study History at Oxford University if I had been anywhere else. The Quest Academy has shaped me into the person I am today and I would not for one moment change one second of the last seven years. Sending your child to the Quest Academy for their formative years will lead to them developing into well rounded and valuable members of society.

Mohamed Iman

Mohamed graduated from Quest6 in 2016 and has now gradated from Oxford University, having read History.

Quest was the epitome of a rollercoaster, from its ups and downs to its smiles and screams! Indeed, A Levels were the most stressful of times, but also most captivating in terms of the knowledge gained as well as the skills honed. The teachers served as exemplary models for us to enter higher education and their constant voluntary help is something I was certain to not find elsewhere. Our Head of Sixth Form was the most supportive, not only with the many times of necessary motivation but also when encouraging us to achieve a certain goal and making it clear how this was possible. If I could relive my A Level experiences again in Quest, I would surely do so.

Muhamad Muhamad

Muhamad graduated from Quest6 in 2016 with an A*s in English and RE and a B in Economics and has now graduated from University College London (UCL).

Firstly, I would like to thank all the teachers and staff for all the help that I have received towards my GCSEs, A-Levels and University application. It would not have been possible without their help and expectations towards me. One of the most essential things that Quest has taught me is not to give up because there’s always a second chance to prove yourself and to meet your very own highest expectations.

Maira Amjaf

Maira graduated from Quest6 in 2016 and has now graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Business and Law.