Having received the Gold Quality mark award for CPLD, making us one of the few schools in the country to do this, we continue to go from strength to strength in the arena of Professional Development and despite receiving this prestigious award, we work tirelessly to improve the quality of teaching and learning of our teachers and students. Our commitment to improving Professional Development is not simply for the benefit of improving our staff’s already wide skillset, but our primary motivator is to improve the learning experience of the students at Quest.
New members of staff and those new to their role receive a comprehensive induction programme and handover in order to ensure a seamless transition and a maximum positive impact on the students.

The Quest Academy operates an ‘open door’ policy, and this, paired with a ‘Best Practice’ table, encourages staff to observe each other on a regular basis to see various experts in action, according to their needs.

It was noted in the report that: “CPLD provision is an impressive aspect of the school’s improvement.” Challenge partners September 2014.

Improving Teaching and Learning is of the upmost importance to us here at The Quest Academy and we employ a wide range of strategies to ensure that we uphold this commitment to our students.

Learning Trios

All teachers at The Quest Academy are part of a learning trio. In order to do this and ensure we maximise its full potential, we have adopted the Lesson Study model. At Quest, we are lucky to have an expert on Lesson Study, one of the leadership team, to guide us through this as she is conducting her doctoral research on this very topic.
Learning trios maximise the training of teaching and learning coaches and promote inter-departmental collaboration with the goal of producing outstanding lessons focussed on achieving a specific goal. Teachers co-design an optimum lesson and then review it using IRIS or observation. Improvements are then made to this lesson design so that our students receive lessons which are consistently improving.

Twilight Training

Regular twilight sessions enable our staff to learn from best practitioners in a wide variety of areas of teaching, all of which reflect the aims of the Academy Development Plan so that every member of staff is committed and plays a role on the Academy’s journey to Outstanding.
Twilight sessions are arranged to cover a range of topics such as lesson design, Assessment for Learning and Feedback as well as a range of other practical topics including effective use of data and specific strategies helping teachers to best adapt their teaching for students with specific SEN needs. Teachers must attend at least three sessions over the course of the year, but many teachers attend more than this as the sessions are very popular and teachers see how these benefit their students. Twilights and INSET sessions are not just for teachers, but are open to all support staff and many of them attend: everyone is committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning for our students.

External Training

Staff at The Quest Academy are regularly encouraged to seek and undertake external CPD sessions to help with their development. A number of teachers are currently engaged in leadership programmes such as the NPQH and staff are encouraged and supported to undertake their own studies in the field of education, with members of staff completing their masters and doctorate degrees with the aim of bringing the fruits of their research back into the Academy.
Each year, we encourage as many of our staff as possible to become examiners or moderators for the exam boards both at GCSE and A Level. With numbers of qualified examiners increasing year on year, we are ensuring that our students receive the best teaching accompanied by lots of practice with exam techniques in these important exam years from the people who will be responsible for marking the final exam.

Newly Qualified Staff

The Quest Academy puts a great deal of time and resources into the development of new teachers. Working closely with Bromley Schools’ Collegiate, we ensure that all Newly Qualified Teachers receive weekly mentoring sessions and tailored NQT support to ensure that they continue to develop into excellent teachers, meeting all of the Teaching Standards. The Quest Academy also works very closely with Teach First, having been part of the scheme since the beginning, to train teachers at the beginning of their career and to mould them into outstanding practitioners.
The Quest Academy is one of the founding members of the Croydon Hub. The Croydon Hub is an innovative partnership between five local Croydon schools whereby all of the new teachers, both Teach First and NQT alike, come together once a week to receive high-quality training from experts within each of the member schools. Such a training programme is very unique and participants are encouraged to reflect upon and share best practice from a variety of teaching environments as well as getting the opportunity to observe practice in other schools.


Croydon LA writes to parents annually with details of all other KS4 providers available locally and these are passed on to families.