On Friday 6th November, Year 9 History students were lucky enough to visit HMS Tyne, as part of the Royal Navy-Teach First Partnership launch event.

Quest Academy pupils were the only ones in London to attend this prestigious occasion, attended by significant figures from both organisations. Students were given thought-provoking and engaging tours around the vessel, which plays an important role in Britain’s Martine protection. Students learnt about the challenges of living on the ship, the challenges of navigating and responding to disasters, as well as being able to talk with crew members about their own experiences and journeys.

Students were also treated to a buffet lunch reception on the Thames, with views of Tower Bridge, the City of London and The Shard.

The visit was a truly educationally and personally enriching and exciting opportunity for our students to discover what life is like for members of the Royal Navy, as well as to consider the wide range of opportunities available to them in the world of work after they have left school.

Members of the public and crew members commended students for their exemplary behaviour, serving as role models of the Academy.