In the spring term, Miss Jones-Alleyne provided Year 9 students with the grand opportunity to take part in a hip-hop style, spoken word poetry workshop to ignite some lyrical inspiration for their own poetry in their English lessons.

Led by the charismatic spoken word artist, GhettoGeek (Thomas Owoo) and assisted by fellow spoken word artist, Broken Pen, students were able to stretch and flex their creativity to write poems that reflected the theme of cultural and societal identity, looking in an entertaining way at what it means to be ‘me’.

Students – and teachers – were excited to share their cultural traditions, personal interests and to proudly proclaim, “Excuse me, I am … ME!”

Students also enjoyed their own private concert as GhettoGeek and Broken Pen both ‘spit’ their best flows, performing their poetry, showing students how to bring their masterpieces to life!