MyBnk, an organisation devoted to helping students develop their finance and enterprise skills, came to visit the Quest Academy, to teach Year 7 students about the history of money and how they can manage their money.

The morning started off with students learning about the history of money. The students got the chance to find the security features on notes and coins, explore how different countries have different currencies and how money is exchanged between countries. They even got the chance to discover ‘burgernomics’, the economics of buying and selling burgers around the world!

Students then started to take ownership for their money and began to consider how they will look after their money. Pupils looked at the difference between needs and wants and where is best to spend the limited amount of money in the world. They created their own personal budgets and even learnt how to spot the best deals to make sure they make the most of their money.

MyBnk were very impressed with how engaged students were, their willingness to ask questions and inquisitiveness to find out more about the world of finance. It looks like we might have some future finance experts in the academy!

S Landes