“The Riot Act” team arrived and set up in the main hall. It all looked really good. About 1:30, Year 7s started arriving, and entered the hall with a degree of excitement and anticipation. After a brief introduction, The Riot Act show began.

The Characters Jo, Tom and Fran, then entertained the students with a play about road safety. The performance was a mixture of light-hearted humour and seriousness about the dangers of playing around or near to a road.

Other elements were addressed including using your phone whilst walking along a road and not paying attention when crossing.

The performance ended with one of the characters, Jo, stepping into the road to get Tom’s bag and was then ‘hit’ by a vehicle. The effect was immediate, with the whole hall going silent at once.

The result was that Jo was left in a wheelchair.

There was then a discussion about who was to blame, and what exactly happened. The students then entered a question and answer session with The Riot Act asking the questions and the students answering. Everyone was enthusiastic with their answers with willing engagement.

The end result was that Jo was to blame. This was explained by saying that each of us is responsible for our own safety when walking along a road and, more importantly, when we cross the road.

Mr S Pearce