We left The Quest with the sun shining and spend 1½ hours to get to our destination where we were met by the team that would be looking after us.

Once settled and unpacked, we made our way to our first activity: team building and leadership. Two groups did ‘Night Line’ and one group did ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. Nightline involved the groups being blindfolded and then led round an obstacle course. This required everyone to form a bond of trust with the person in front as they each had to hold on to each shoulder. There was some really good communication going on in order to get the whole group through the course.

Dinner quickly followed and then it was into the next activity, ‘Campfire’. Here our group and a group of Primary children were led in songs around the fire. Everyone looked as if they enjoyed themselves. After the campfire, we made our way back to our rooms and finally to bed.

Thursday 7:30am – breakfast. Then into a fun-filled action-packed day with no less than six activities, including problem solving, outdoor laser, Jacob’s ladder, the fearsome 3G swing, team challenge, and Nightline.

The 3G swing comprises of a bar that you are attached to in pairs via a harness and then you are lifted from anything from a few feet up to 36 feet in the air. It is then the job of one of the pair to release the bar and start the swing going. A lot of challenges were overcome on the swing and a special mention goes to Keeleigh Brooks who not only overcame her nerve to try the swing, but afterwards said that she wanted to do it again.

Dinner followed and then it was into the evening activity; Aerial Runway and the Scrapheap challenge. The Scrapheap challenge involved each team creating a vehicle that would protect a water balloon when dropped from a height. A couple even worked, so well done to you, you know who you are!

Aerial runway is the name that the centre has given to the ‘Zip wire’. Great fun was had especially for those that overcame a fear of heights, or walking off the platform.

Much hilarity was had when I took my turn and ended up flat on my back half way down the runway. Even funnier was when I tried to get up (which was easier said than done I can assure you). Tired out by laughing we made our way back to our rooms to settle down and then to bed.

Our final morning, on Friday, was met with comments such as, ‘I wish we could stay another day’, ‘Do we have to go home?’ and ‘I have had so much fun’.

Two activities for our last morning, from Fencing, Aerial runway and Team challenge. For most of the group Fencing provided the chance to learn a new skill and exercise muscles that we had forgotten we had. Team challenge involved more team working and listening skills whilst trying to negotiate various obstacles. Some funny photos were taken of the children trying to figure out how to get the first and last person through the tyre tunnel without letting go of each other. It was my turn to have a laugh now!

The minibus was a lot quieter on the way home with all bar one of the children falling asleep.

An amazing time was had by all with some newly learnt skills along the way.

By Simon Pearce