On Friday 1st July 2022, we officially welcomed 140 new Year 7 students to The Quest Academy. This was a great day for the students from many different primary schools as they got to meet their peers and teachers before the new school year and enjoy the events of induction day.

The day started with students being welcomed and introduced to members of the Year 7 team. This included Miss Millar and Miss Marler in addition to Mr Beecham, newly appointed Head of School and Mr Crofts, Executive Principal of The Quest Academy and Quest Primary School. Additionally, our Year 10 buddies were also introduced to the students so they had a familiar face to recognise throughout the day.

Once students were organised and settled into their tutor groups, students were escorted to their form bases to participate in their carousel of activities for the day. This included Maths, English, Science, Art, Drama, Food Technology, History, Geography and Religious Studies.

During break and lunch, students had a chance to make new friends. It was lovely to see the students build the confidence to make new friends, especially those who were quiet or anxious at the start of the day. Many of the students decided to use this time to play their ‘kindness bingo’ charts as a tool to facilitate new friendships.

The day ended with our Year 10 buddies awarding a certificate for great work throughout the day for kindness, resilience and intelligence to six students from each form – well done to the winners!

Students went home feeling more familiar and comfortable with the school and their transition for September. It was lovely to meet all the new students joining in September, we are looking forward to supporting them with their success in this new school journey.