On Thursday 13th November the Year 5 students from Courtwood, Forestdale and Gilbert Scott primary schools visited the Academy for the day. The 90 students became Sports Scientists for the day, working in teams of three with one member for each school, tried to answer the question ‘Does exercise make you cleverer?’. None of us knew what the outcome would be, and students put forward their various hypothesis and reasons. Students completed a simple problem solving task, during which they monitored their heart rates. We then moved to the Sports Hall, got the students’ hearts racing with a series of obstacle courses, and then redid a very similar test. As expected heart rates were much higher but what wasn’t so expected was the dramatic change in their ability to complete the problem solving activity. With very few exceptions students completed the task far quicker with raised heart rates….. something to consider the next time we need to assess them!

Students appeared to have a fantastic day and were a real asset to their primary schools. We look forward to your next day with us, scheduled for March 2015.

Mr S Trehearn