My geography class went on a field trip to Brighton to do research for our controlled assessment, which is 25% of our grade. Ms. Kokayi and Mr. Apicella took us to Brighton on the 23rd September to do research on tourism in Brighton. We went to four locations, which are widely well known including the pier, the beach, the Royal Pavilion and the lanes. We had a series of things to look at, evaluate and ask members of the public (tourists).

All of us had an amazing time in Brighton, looking at the landscape and researching tourism there. It was really important for Ms. Kokayi, Mr. Apicella and the school that the students represented themselves in an orderly and polite manner.  All the members of public who helped us with our research had good things to say about us which is brilliant and lovely to hear.

I wish the best luck for the other students for their GCSE Geography and their controlled assessment.  We hope we have been good role models for other students and the school can have future fields trips. Well done year 11 and good luck.

Rebecca James (Year 11)