Upon arrival at the main building, students were given a brief talk about what to expect from their day at Roehampton. The ambassadors introduced themselves, and we were pleased to see one of our own Quest alumni, Frankie Cummings (who left Quest in July 2021), taking the lead and talking about what she studies at the university.

Frankie mentioned that she was on the NCOP programme at school and how it had helped her. It was great to see her, and our students were full of questions.

Another ambassador mentioned that the university offers some scholarships. Quest student, Nathan, was particularly interested in the Esports scholarship since this is one of his hobbies. On our tour of the campus, we stopped at the Esports centre where Nathan was over the moon to see all the technology and had a long conversation with the staff member that was running the course.

All students were impressed with how the ambassadors talked to them and really made them feel at home. All of the ambassadors were extremely helpful and went out of their way to accommodate us.

It was a great day and all the students mentioned that they now want to study at Roehampton University.