The Quest Academy cadets enjoyed their first success in passing their drill test on 9th December. Under the first class teaching of Lt Pearce and Sergeant Donnelly, these cadets have learnt and practised drill weekly since they joined the cadet force on 18th November.

So far this term, they have learnt how to wear and take care of their uniform, ORBAT and All Service Badges of rank and drill. Next term they will learn navigation, orienteering, living in the field and weapons systems. They will also participate in Heartstart to gain a First Aid qualification.

Congratulations to: K’cee Berry, George Brown, Savannah Campbell-La’Val, Shanum Ghouse, Shanze Howson Bernard, Asia Lorint, Nastascia Riley, Zicheriah Sarfo-Akyeampong, and many thanks to senior cadets Savannah Blayney, Kieran Greaves,  and Corporal Julia Kolodziej, for helping them to achieve this success.

Lt Mcleod