On Thursday 7th March, 33 students boarded the coach at the early time of 7:30am to begin the long drive up to Birmingham. Students and staff were so excited because they were going to the number One destination for all chocolate lovers: Cadbury World!

Armed and sustained by two free bars of chocolate, Quest students journeyed through the rainforest, learning where chocolate comes from and ended up at the chocolate factory and the town of Bournville created by the Cadbury family many years ago. We followed the journey of a chocolate bean as it is made into chocolate and then went into the factory to see how many of the Cadbury favourites are still made to this day.

Students had the opportunity to write their name in chocolate and learnt how to cool it down by hand by tossing the chocolate over and over. After a journey through the magical world of Cadabra, walking down Advertising Avenue and meeting the Cadbury Gorilla, we ended the day by taking a ride on a rollercoaster in the 4D Chocolate Adventure.

After consuming and buying what felt like our body weight in chocolate, we made our way home, satisfied and slightly hyper!

 E Thomas