On the morning of Thursday 13th November 2014 three teachers, twenty one Year 10 and nine Year 13 students left The Quest Academy on their own quest, to negotiate three different modes of transport plus a 20 minute walk, to experience the delights of London Zoo.

Everyone accepted the rigours of the journey without complaint. All questers were on their best behaviour. Two Year 10 pupils almost demanded that an older couple take their seats on the tube (completely unprompted by the teacher I might add). They represented the school exquisitely and were a pleasure to spend time with.

Once at the Zoo all students, without exception, revelled in the delights on offer. From watching the silverback gorilla throwing lumps of grass at unsuspecting visitors to experiencing the feeding of the tiger, to being amazed at the sight of a moth the size of an outstretched hand, everyone had a truly wonderful time.

Students looked around the Zoo with dignity and diligence and were amazed by the different types of animal there were to see. The teachers didn’t have to reprimand the students in any way and a great time was had by all. Many people, teachers included, learnt something new, it was an advertisement for the benefits of lifelong learning.

Ms T Isaac