On Friday 2nd February, 20 Quest students along with Mrs Burr and Miss Thomas, had the good fortune to spend the afternoon at the Royal Opera House to watch The Royal Ballet perform Marius Petipa’s ballet ‘Giselle’.

Surrounded by the beauty of the Royal Opera House, our students got to experience this beautiful classical ballet and appreciate the costumes, techniques and scenery involved in creating this After the initial ‘wow’ factor of the main auditorium (and the necessary photos being taken against the backdrop of the main stage), our students quickly began to read the synopsis of Giselle so that they would understand the dancers’ interpretation of the story through dance.  The arrival of the conductor meant that the time for reading was over and our students made the school proud with their attentiveness and exemplary behaviour and respect given to the dancers throughout the first act.

At the interval, students were keen to give their opinions and express their appreciation and wonder at how the dancers were able to create the strong emotions and story without using words or song. The second half of the ballet was highly anticipated, particularly when students found out that it would take place in the spirit world.

Act II did not disappoint and the costumes were even more beautiful than in the first.  Unfortunately the end of the ballet came all too soon and it was time to go home.  Students left the Royal Opera House, smiling, talking about the ballet and keen to see another; a very successful trip!

Ms E Thomas