On Wednesday 7th November, Year 13 Btec Business and IT students, accompanied by Mr Mckenzie and Ms Lipscombe, were given a very special opportunity to visit Bloomberg headquarters based in Central London. Bloomberg is one of the largest international Media, Technology and Finance companies in operation.

Students were exposed to state-of-the-art technologies with sustainability and given a tour of the international award winning building. Bloomberg was recently awarded the 2018 RIBA Building Architecture award, which had featured in BBC news.

Students were given a presentation from a senior manager on career paths, which ranged from Internships, Apprenticeships and graduate programs. Other jobs offered by the company included Business Marketing, News Broadcasting Production, Computer Engineering, Data Analysis and Finance.

Students were also given an opportunity to work with one of the company’s newest programmers on a small python task which lead to creating a live financial chart.

Students also visited the London Mithraeum, Roman Temple of Mithras which was discovered during the construction of the Bloomberg building. The roman temple had a very significant level of  importance as the men would attend to prey for strength and guidance from Mithras.

T Mckenzie