It was a mild Monday morning as the BTEC business class trekked to East Croydon station and merged in with the 8 o’clock commuters. Their eager faces were beaming as they entered the train as they were to make their own commute to Barclays Bank in Canary Wharf.

As they entered the large Barclays tower they were directed to the senior training room, so large it could hold 25. Here the BTEC class learnt about what it took to be recruited into a big bank like Barclays; going through creating a compelling CV and mastering much needed interview techniques. They were then thrown in the deep end by being given the task to create and present a new app to be used by the top market traders. I am proud to say that this was executed with confidence and precision by all teams within our group, getting great feedback from the traders.

The class were then invited to go across London to visit an actual trading floor where millions of pounds of stocks were being traded in the market. The students were fascinated by the activities of the traders (particularly when they heard what the average salary was). It was great to see so many of the class ask in depth questions about investment banking after they had actually seen the trading floor – it really brought it to life for them.

As they left, the Quest Academy students thanked the traders for their time and effort in making the day so special and different to a normal day at school.  I am confident that this event has made a real impact on the class and given them a greater appreciation of the inner working of what is a large industry on their doorsteps

T Whybrow