The Quest Academy’s cadet force, which now has cadets from years nine and ten, was represented at Trinity School’s Cadet Force Biannual General Inspection.  Our growing cadet force was represented by eight of our Year 10 cadets. Group Captain Christopher Platt was very impressed with our cadets’ enthusiasm.

The event took place at Trinity school, in South Croydon, where our students participated in parade preparation and demonstrated their archery skills.  Our NCO (Non Commissioned Officer), Tia Play Mitchell also demonstrated her teaching skills to the inspecting officer, Group Captain Christopher Platt who was complimented her on her achievement, saying, “You are a fantastic teacher.”

This was an exclusive opportunity to participate in a full Biannual General Inspection undertaken by the MOD and our cadets conducted themselves in an exemplary manner.  They were able to see combat skills demonstrated by senior cadets and staff and gain an insight into the next stages of their development as cadets.

Thanks are due to  Miles Hayes,  Leena Khan, Matthew Little, Morika Mcfarlane, Tia Mitchell, Alehandro Patruno, Thomas Peters, Streedhar Subhash Kumar and Mr Pearce.

Further recognising the close link between Trinity CCF and The Quest’s CCF, four of our Year 9 students will be attending the New Recruits’ Camp with Trinity cadets, Mr Pearce and Miss Mcleod during the Easter holiday.

Louise Mcleod