The Quest’s Under 13s rugby team have excelled themselves by reaching the finals of the Surrey Schools 7s tournament. On their way to the top, they beat Whitgift, Trinity, Ibstock Place, Emmanuel and a host of other private and rugby specialist schools that have a long tradition of rugby. In the final game, they narrowly lost against Wimbledon College.

The team consisted of Year 8 pupils Bryant Bawuah (captain), Miquel Scarlett, Daniel Ankomah, Aristot Benz-Salomon, Jonathan Benz-Salomon, Luke Halliday, Wayne Rhoden, Moses Desouza, Ikram Khan and Giovanni Williams-Gayle.

Head of PE, Lacey Congram, said “What an amazing achievement for these boys, some of whom had never even heard of rugby 7 months ago and certainly never picked up a ball! To now compete against and beat some of the top independent schools in the country is a true testament of their commitment, raw talent and desire to be successful. They never give up, fight until the last minute of every match and know no fear regardless of what they are up against. It was a great tournament, we are very proud of the boys and hopefully they can continue to improve and come back next year and win.”

Rugby Coach, Tom Bevan, said, “The best moment was undoubtedly Daniel Ankomah’s last minute try to beat Trinity, which ensured we finished top of the group. Beating Whitgift, a School which is widely regarded as being one of the best Rugby schools in the country, was an incredible achievement.”

The scores of the games were:

Ibstock Place 19-10 (Group stage)

Emanuel School 26-7 (Group stage)

Trinity school 12-10 (Group stage)

Hinchley Wood School 14-10 (1/4 final)

Whitgift School 14-5 (1/2 final)

Wimbledon College 5-12 (Final)

In a pleasing twist of fate, Head of PE, Lacey Congram, had the opportunity to talk to the Chairman of Surrey Rugby during the festival. Having seen how well the boys performed, he offered to pay £1,500 towards the cost of a new minibus. Given this team’s and others’ successes, the new bus is sure to be well used!