Students from The Quest Academy have once more attended the New Recruits Camp organised by Trinity School. The camp took place at St Martin’s Plain, over three days.

One year ago, Tia Pillay Mitchell was the first student from The Quest Academy to attend New Recruits camp. This Easter, Esther Jadach, Pavekaran Yasatharan and Anna Richardson-Bondarenho, accompanied by Mr Pearce and Miss Mcleod joined Trinity CCF students and staff at New Recruits Camp.

The New Recruits Camp is a major focus for CCF students. Our students were delighted to work with the Trinity students and staff who have offered them so much support and training. They were given the opportunity to participate in a huge number of activities and to experience life on a real army base.

Pave excelled in weapons training and was able to assist other Quest students in their training. Our students committed fully to all of the activities: field exercises in daylight and at night time, the obstacle course, navigation, map reading, archery and drill. Cadets learnt about tactical movement and took on the challenge of beating their opponents at Millaramaroo.

The camp was extremely successful with our enthusiastic cadets increasing their confidence and proving their mettle in every discipline.

Later this term more of our students will get the opportunity to participate in Summer Camp activities and enjoy developing further the skills, knowledge and aptitudes that they have worked so hard at during the year.

L. Mcleod