On the morning of Thursday 13th November 2014 six teachers, eighty four year 7 and six year 13 students left The Quest Academy and headed for the Science Museum.

It was a long journey, but with the guidance of the teachers and our aspiring leaders of tomorrow – the Year 13s – we made it across London to our destination.

Once there, the students quickly filled their empty tummies with their lunches.  Although not quite lunch time, students were a little worn out by the journey.  It was great to see students not only sharing their food, but also making the best of the small area where our large group had to dine.

Once lunch was consumed, students got into their allocated groups and ascended into the upper floors of the Museum.

Some students were shocked by the things they saw – it was the first time to the Museum for many. Students wondered from floor to floor taking masses of pictures of what some termed as ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome’ things.  Students saw things like the Apollo 10 capsule, steam engines, cars from decades ago and much more. They enjoyed the interactive galleries where they saw scientific principles and contemporary science coming to life.

It was great day out. All enjoyed it immensely.

Ms C Archer