My experience at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition in 2018 was wonderful. Firstly, we passed a stall about Mars and finding any type of life on Mars. They talked about sending new equipment up into space, specifically technology that is able to detect different gases in Mars’ atmosphere. The presenter also kindly let us use the same exact device to show us how different the findings are for specific gases such as Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.

We also met a representative from the “Nurturing Nature’s Innovations” exhibition. The science researcher of that exhibition had a slug’s body in a vase filled with a dirty mixture. We questioned the man and he explained to us that his exhibition was about using slugs’ slimy substance (that helps them stick to wet surfaces) in surgeries for important organs such as the heart and the brain. As curious children we asked lots of questions as we found it peculiar for surgeons to be using such substances in surgery but fortunately he was kind and explained to us everything about that topic.

Towards the end of the day, we had a talk and a presentation from a monologist who had started to work as a meteorite researcher in Antarctica. She showed some exciting pictures.

Overall, I loved my experience at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition because I have learnt many new exciting things which could help me in the future.

Keshica Cahoolessur, Year 9