On Wednesday, December 13th, we were thrilled to host our inaugural rewards event of the year, a vibrant celebration dedicated to acknowledging the exceptional commitment and conduct of our students. This event was an ode to those who’ve demonstrated stellar attendance, with 97% or more, and exhibited outstanding behaviour, accruing a mere 7 points or fewer.

Why such emphasis on attendance and behaviour, you might wonder? Well, these pillars are the bedrock of success, paving the way for a promising academic journey and a brighter future. Attendance isn’t just about being physically present; it’s a testament to dedication, responsibility, and a thirst for knowledge. Similarly, exemplary behaviour showcases discipline, respect, and an understanding of the positive impact it can have on one’s environment.

Studies have repeatedly shown the correlation between attendance, behaviour, and academic performance. It’s not coincidental; it’s a direct link. Students who attend regularly and maintain a commendable conduct tend to excel not only in their academics but also in their personal growth. Each day in class is an opportunity—a chance to absorb new information, engage in discussions, and grow intellectually. Likewise, positive behaviour fosters a conducive learning atmosphere, benefiting both individual students and the collective educational experience.

Now, looking ahead, our next event promises to be an exciting interhouse quiz competition. Invitations to this exhilarating contest will be extended based on attendance and behaviour during the upcoming spring term. It’s an opportunity for students not just to showcase their knowledge but also to celebrate commitment to their education and the values that will serve well beyond the classroom.

We’re immensely proud of our students who have excelled in attendance and behaviour. Their dedication is commendable, and it’s the foundation upon which you future triumphs are built. So, as we step into the spring term, let’s continue this journey together – striving for excellence, nurturing positive habits, and embracing the opportunities that await us.

Congratulations once again to all our deserving recipients, and to everyone else: let’s keep aiming high, showing up, and embodying the very best of what our school stands for.