From the 5th-7th July, we put on a three-day induction and 60 students from The Quest Academy mixed with students from 14 other schools during the induction. These Year 11 students will be part of our Year 12 next year along with the students that couldn’t make it to the induction.

During the three days, students experienced 100 minutes of our tutorial programme which is a real strength of our sixth form. They also experienced a double lesson of up to six different subjects.

The induction was finished off with dodgeball, zone volley-ball and a BBQ. The social sports was a real hit and we anticipate this continuing to be popular during the Wednesday enrichments alongside other enrichments like coding, gaming, debating and more.

We wish the students a really restful summer and we look forward to celebrating their results with them on results day. The induction students showed great maturity during the week, they will all be great assets to Quest6.