Year 13 students had a really productive day where students used innovative software, league tables and research skills to apply to five courses from five different Universities. They had tutorials in small groups with expert help and advice where career prospects and University life was discussed. Students discovered how different all the Universities are. They also became more familiar with how the same course can be made up of completely different modules at different establishments.

Students spent an extended period of time researching all the facilities, societies and research opportunities available at each University they were going to apply to. At lunch time almost every student had completed UCAS with their five choices confirmed.

In the afternoon Year 13 took part in a personal statement master class and many students completed their first draft of their personal statements. At The Quest Academy, we provide personal statement tutors for every student. These tutors are chosen because they are highly experienced in the type of course their students are applying towards. The students were all very appreciative of all the help and support they received throughout the day and unanimously valued being able to spend the time thinking beyond their immediate studies.

Since UCAS day we have already begun to celebrate offers coming in and look forward to being able to celebrate even more.

Sam Cox