Quest6, the Quest Academy’s Sixth Form in Croydon, is not yet three years old but is already making a name for itself in the Borough. Quest6 has recently been recognised for its ‘Value Added’ score, which places it in the top 12% of all state-funded A-level providers in England.

The Quest Academy’s sponsor, Coloma Convent Girls’ School, is similarly placed, making two of the three Coloma Trust schools the very top schools in Croydon, using this measure.

The Value Added score predicts A Level achievements based on students’ attainment at Key Stage 4 (GCSE). Students are compared with other students studying the same qualification nationally, before being aggregated to give an overall score for the school. This score is then expressed as a proportion of a grade above or below the national average. Quest’s Sixth Form achieved a score of 0.16 meaning that Quest’s students achieve better results at A Level than their GCSE attainment would predict, and much higher than the national average.

Ranked by A Level Value Added, The Quest Academy is positioned 244th out of 2,125 state-funded A-Level providers in England.