On Wednesday 18th March, a team of dedicated chess aficionados ventured forth from the Quest Academy to boldly battle against a host of competitors on that most hallowed of battle fields; the chequered wood of the chess board, at the termly chess tournament at Wilson’s school. Careening over Addington Hills, Jon Mooney (Captain, Year 11), Morgan Pearson (Year 10), Ramone Ennis, Jack Turk (both Year 8) and Imani Ennis (Year 7), led by Mr. Mijovic, descended upon Wilson’s school ready to deliver devastation; hopefully upon the opposing teams!

We were gladdened to see our close friends from Coloma at the tournament as well as we settled down for the tournament to begin. The first match saw us facing Wilson’s A team, the uncontested favourites. Sadly, we came out with an inevitable 4 – 0 loss, but credit must go to Jack Turk for holding out against his opponent for longer than all of the remaining 3 team members combined! Following this, we were again matched with a superior opponent and suffered a second 4 – 0 loss, but the team took heart in the fact that lunch followed this round! We excelled at lunch.

Following the break we returned to the arena in a battle frenzy and took our places against our next rivals; Coloma A! Oh bitter day, that we would have to square off against our parent and close friend. Nonetheless, the timers began and the first moves were drawn. Around 25 minutes and a few blundered queens later, we were looking at a third consecutive 4 – 0 loss. It was shaping up to be a complete whitewash and we had only one chance remaining to redeem ourselves; our final match against Coloma B.

As we squared up against our final opponent, the team took a moment to reflect upon the momentous challenge which stood before them, whilst Mr. Mijovic took some team photos. Then the combat began. Two early victories saw our team taste success for the first time and we took an early 2 – 0 lead. Coloma B fought back to a respectable 2.5 – 1.5 loss, but it was enough for the boys from Quest to leave with their pride intact, having secured one won match at the tournament.

The whole team deserves praise for the exemplary conduct at an event with more than eight schools and 50 pupils, as well as keeping their heads held high in the face of defeat and holding out for a well-deserved win.

Well done and I look forward to the next one!

M Mijovic