Friday 3rd July and Saturday 4th July saw the first Quest Academy Summer Exhibition. This is envisaged to be an annual event for all pupils who take Art as an option for GCSE and AS. Every pupil who took Art as an exam this year was represented.

Mr Kensit helped the ambience by choosing background music. Billy Bolton and Vladislav Fanukov served soft drinks on the balcony, the weather was obligingly sunny and the atmosphere very pleasant.

The work received very positive comments from all the visitors, who included governors, parents, pupils and friends. Pupils work was praised for its level of skill, creativity and originality. Visitors were also impressed by the wide range of media pupils had used, and how well they expressed individual ideas; every pupil had produced something unique to them, developing their ideas above and beyond the given starting points.

Such was the standard of the work on display that two pupils were even approached with offers to buy their paintings!

J Campbell