Wednesday 23rd March saw Quest Academy students conclude a remarkable project with a performance on the stage of West End Theatre, the Donmar Warehouse.

They have been involved in the ‘Tomorrow project’ which was based around the question, “What would the world be like 30 years into the future?”

There have been 9 two-hour workshops since January to help create a piece of theatre worthy of exploring this question. Eight schools from around London took part and all the performances were shared at the Donmar on the 23rd March.

Our cast, which consisted of twelve Year 8 students and one Year 10 student, put in a sterling performance which created laughter for the audience as well as looking at how much faith people put in the media.

I was extremely proud of their display in front of over 200 people and to see how excited they were on the journey home was testament to all the hard work they had put in during the preceding months.

They did the Quest Academy proud.  The cast consisted of the following members: Ryan Donnelly, Blake Pearson, Yemi Abe, Imani Ennis, Catherine Colvert, Sydie Day, Chardonnay Green, Yagmur Potukoglu, Bilonce Jack, Jamie Kirk, Justin Hageman, Anna Pieron & Yasmeen Butt.

Mr G Kensit