On Tuesday 9th June the specially selected Q15 group of year 7 pupils ventured forth into the heart of the City of London on an epic mission of literacy and diplomacy.

The brief was simple: procure reading books and rendezvous with pupils from Gilbert Scott and Woodside primaries for special training exercises (group games).

We were pleasantly surprised when, upon reaching Buckingham Palace, we were confronted by a sizeable throng of men, women and children of all shapes and sizes. It turned out that the Changing of the Guard was about to take place and so we duly lined up, cameras at the ready, to record the parade of our valiant servicemen.

After an eventful lunch, which included fending off treacherous pigeons, we joined the other schools in St. James’ Park and began a relaxed session of reading our newly-bought reading books: all of the pupils were engrossed. We just about managed to separate them from their books for a communal game of duck-duck-goose and then parted company.

What a joyous day.

M Mijovic