Quest students with an interest in trying their skills on the trampoline were accompanied to Jump Giants in Essex by Mr Houghton and Miss Mcleod.

Participation in activities like this can be inspired by any number of events. Mr Houghton provided students with insight into this exciting sport with clips from the last Olympic Games in which participants worked together on the trampoline and demonstrated individual trampoline activities with a jaw dropping range of sophisticated manoeuvres. Solo trampoline events will feature for the first time in the next Olympic Games.

The thirty students, from years seven to ten, put their skills to the test as they used trampolines in a range of activities. The Ninja Court is a challenging obstacle course requiring students to climb, jump and balance all while using a series of trampolines. Battle Beams involves balancing on a beam and jousting with an opponent in an attempt to get them to topple into a pile of foam.

Other sporting activities, including Dodgeball, Basketball, and Open Jumping, were played on trampolines and gave students a range of challenging new scenarios to develop new skills.

The students’ conduct was exemplary and drew a comment from a member of public who said how well behaved they were. They now have experience of blending at least two activities to take back to their sporting lives and help prepare them for more new challenges.

L. Mcleod