One young woman in army camouflage glided in disciplined formation with her fellow male recruits, all students from Trinity School in Croydon, across the drill ground at St. Martin’s Plain in Kent.  Wearing her army uniform, boots and  hat,  Quest student Tiamyra Pillay-Mitchell embodied the discipline and stamina demanded of any good army recruit.  Training in bright sunshine and cool brisk winds encouraged a lively and energetic approach to the range of activities enjoyed at the camp.

Our departure from Trinity was organised and executed with meticulous efficiency and we were soon heading in convoy through Kent to St.  Martin’s Plain camp, once featuring in an episode of Dr Who. The camp is pleasingly positioned with a splendid view of the sea from the sports field and the accommodation is spacious and orderly.

Tiamyra’s active role in every activity available ensured that she got the most out of this experience:   regular drill practise, weapons training, archery, the obstacle course, teamwork, problem solving  and orienteering. Tiamyra’s rugby skills were very much appreciated by her team mates when she competed with them in Millaramaroo – a game combining military tactics with a range of skills from other sports. The confidence and skill that the recruits demonstrated by the end of their training was exemplary.

In the evenings, the recruits mingled and socialised in the camp’s social area where refreshments are on sale.  At meal times and in the training sessions, Tiamyra mingled at ease with her fellow recruits.  We were well fuelled with a range of healthy meals including a particularly hearty item on the menu, Currywurst and chips!

This trip was the first army new recruit camp for students:  our mission is to empower our students to test themselves and to aspire to achieve in an ever increasing range of challenging new activities.

L Mcleod