On Wednesday 30th March, we welcomed our parents for the first time in two years face-to-face to our Parents’ Forum. Our Parents’ Forum is resetting after the pandemic and is re-emerging bigger and better! The role of the Parents’ Forum is to be a form of communication between parents and the school and provide an opportunity to discuss key issues for parents.

Parents met and mingled and shared experiences amongst staff and Senior Leaders in a relaxed social environment. Many good ideas and plans were generated about how parents and the school could work together this year.

The agenda for the next meeting was requested by parents at the meeting who felt that they wanted to know more about the school’s strategy for catching up after the school closures and also specific workshops on how to help their child at school.

You can finds details of the next meeting along with the minutes of the 30th March 2022 HERE. We warmly invite you to out next meeting on the 14th July 2022. To become involved in the Parents’ Forum, please email: ParentForum@thequestacademy.org.uk