Year 7 have been investigating the art of “Notan”. The students created a variety of positive and negative collages with some tremendous results. A huge well done to those students who entered the Royal Mail postage stamp competition. Your entries have been sent away in the post and we are really looking forward to hearing the results. A very positive term overall!

Year 8 have been brushing up on their watercolour skills. Some great strokes were made in lesson and at home. Prior to the lesson a video demonstration was sent out on Google Classroom so students could watch and gain a better understanding of the task at hand before arriving in the classroom. Some great work was made, and they showed great command of their new found skills using watercolour.

Year 9 have been creating mixed media collages using some familiar faces as inspiration. Billie Eilish proved the most popular and her portrait adorned the classroom for many lessons as students experimented with a range of materials to create their artwork.

Year 10 are coming to the end of their first creative journey where they have been investigating the darker side of art. Vanitas is the chosen topic, an area of art that attempts to remind the viewer of the fragility and shortness of life. Students worked across a range of mediums including drawing, painting, and printmaking. You wouldn’t come across as many skulls in the Science department!

Year 11 are sadly missed. The art room was a hive of activity leading up to the deadline of their coursework. It was a privilege to see them working so confidently and producing work of such a high standard. They may be gone but their artwork is displayed proudly along the corridors and classrooms, which I am sure will inspire younger Quest Academy students to pursue GCSE Art. I wish them all the best in their future creative endeavours and look forward to seeing some of them back in the classroom next year.

Year 12 are also coming to the end of their first creative journey also. They are tasked with creating their final piece over the coming weeks. They get a chance to work on a piece of work over a sustained period of time. Weeks of work will go into the one piece of Art, and they are off to a great start.

Year 13 are gone but not forgotten. The standard of work produced over the past two years has been outstanding. It was a privilege to work with such talented students. Again, their work now sits in the classrooms and corridors, slowly but surely inspiring the next generation of Quest art students.