Across the country, we felt the biting cold of seasonal snow showers and brisk winds. For our new recruits, this simple but effective additional factor to the challenges cadets undertake made this an even more momentous occasion that united our contingent and made for memories that will last for a lifetime.

The weekend began with fitness tests, preparation and a meal together at Trinity School. We then travelled to our base for our activities and returned at 5.00pm on Sunday, 12th February.

New recruit participants this year were: Yemi Abe, Amy Baker Sanders, Reece Carney, Ryan Donnelly, Cameron Edwards-Powell, Justin Hageman, Osama Issa, Jamie Kirk ,Ben Lane, Louis Le Vine, Josh Lloyd, Callum Miller, Edgar Puplampu, Michael Reapy, Thomas Robinson,  Sabiha Sadiqua and our NCO Esther Simoli.

We are grateful to SSI Millbanks, Lieutenant Tarn, Mr Moran, Mr Pearce and Miss Diamond for facilitating and staffing this event and to Trinity NCOs led by Ridhwan Omar.

For all of our cadets involved in this exercise, this was an opportunity to work together and to strengthen the links with the NCOs, new recruits, staff and officers at Trinity school. All of the cadets participated fully in the parade, field, navigation, walking, night exercises and field activities. All undertook the PT, trim-trail and obstacle course.

Without exception, every cadet showed dedication, commitment and maturity and gave of his or her best

2Lt.  Mcleod