On 5th February, both the Year 10 and Year 8 netball team played Norbury Manor.

Unfortunately due to time constrictions the quarters were reduced to four 5 minute quarters for the Year 10 match. The girls had a nervous start and conceded a few early goals and missed some opportunities so were trailing by 4 goals at the half time point. The second half was far better with the team scoring a goal per quarter and only conceding a goal per quarter. It was a good performance with some excellent netball. Special mention for player of the match Bethany Edwards.

The Year 8 game was the 2nd game and unfortunately only played two halves of 8 minutes. The team had a few new additions to their previous match but they gelled well. They started strong scoring 3 goals and conceding 1. In the final half the girls lost some focus and made a few more errors. Overall the final score was 3-2 which was a good win for a team that has a lot of potential. Special mention for player or the match Priscilia.

A Cherrett