During Activities Week, we visited the Natural History Museum in London, particularly looking at the Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery.

On route to the museum, the students got to experience the busy-ness of the London tubeline and handled the experience expertly (even if we had to wait for the platform to clear to even get on it).

Once at the museum, we embarked on the giant escalator into the red zone entrance which takes you through a giant metallic globe – something the students found to be quite awe-inspiring.

Inside the gallery, students got a chance to explore the origins, geology, scientific understanding and human impact of our planet’s most powerful natural forces.

One very interesting part of the experience was the earthquake simulator which is a replica set up of a supermarket which was affected by the Kobe Earthquake in 1995.

After some time exploring the museum, we spent lunch sat outside in the sunshine before making our return to Croydon.

Miss L Martin