In partnership with WE, the Mayor of London invited students from Quest Academy to join in with the annual Youth Summit in the City.

Seven Year 9 students were selected to take part in the trip. They were tasked with the job of devising a plan to tackle social integration in the local South Croydon area.

The pupils worked for the entire day to build up a plausible plan, which they then presented to the other 150 pupils that took part in the initiative – being one of only six groups to be selected to present.

Savannah, Sheryl, Oumie, Lamech, Bradley, Ellie and Shko all worked together to focus on encouraging young people to aspire to go to university, focusing on tackling the guilt students may feel for putting a financial burden on their parents.

Their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm led to a creative, powerful and moving presentation.

Huge congratulations for their work and participation in the Youth Summit.

C Valbuena