The day started off rather rainy but it didn’t dampen the spirits of our 10 students, who arrived at Leeds Castle excited to explore.

Students began the day exploring the grounds of the Castle, navigating their way through the maze, competing against each other in mini golf, before admiring the birds of prey in the falconry area. The afternoon was spent inside the castle itself, exploring the various rooms such as Catherine of Aragon’s bedroom, the galleries and the chapel, – the stained glass in the chapel was three times older than the United States itself!

The students were extremely engaged, asking questions about the contents of the rooms, and testing each other on their knowledge of the Tudors and Stuarts. We ended the afternoon with a run around in the giant castle themed playground and made sure that the ducks were well fed.

We were extremely impressed with the students throughout the trip and commend them for their excellent behaviour, engagement, maturity and kindness to each other and the public. It was a joy to take them on the trip, building their confidence and giving them a chance to develop a greater understanding of history.

A great day was had by all!