On a rather dismal and wet Wednesday morning, 16 intrepid students set off for Leeds Castle in Kent.

The weather did not bode well during our hour-long journey and the mood was declining rapidly.

When we arrived, guess what… NO RAIN!

With the mood growing with every footstep, we took a leisurely stroll through the wooded approach to the Castle.

We finally arrived at the Castle and with a sense of excitement we entered through the cellar, which happens to be the oldest part of the original Castle that was built in 1119.

We took the self-guided tour and made our way through the various rooms that had been restored to their original décor by the then owner Lady Bailie. She spent the equivalent of £20,000,000 in todays’ money getting the works done.

Once we had finished our tour it was off to the maze, where sadly, all the students managed to find their way out. Bang went my quiet coffee.

Once lunch was finished, we went into “The Knights Stronghold”; a purpose built wooden fortress.

A quick visit to the shop, and it was off to McDonalds for a slap-up Big Mac and then home.

All 16 students had a great day… here’s to the next one.

S Pearce