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23rd August 2018Croydon Advertiser online - GCSE Results 2018Croydon Advertiser
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17th August 2018Croydon Guardian online - A Level Results 2018Croydon Guardian
15th September 2017PiXlis September 2017
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25th August 2016GCSE Results 2016Croydon Guardian
25th August 2016Croydon A Level Results 2016Croydon Guardian
18th August 2016A Level Results 2016Croydon Advertiser
18th August 2016A Level Results 2016Croydon Guardian
26th June 2015Ofsted Inspectors Impressed by Progress at AcademyCroydon Advertiser
10th April 2015Quest Students Meet Prince Harry at TwickenhamCroydon Advertiser
13th February 2015Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan Visits QuestCroydon Advertiser
10th October 2014Quest's Head Boy Works With Prime MinisterCroydon Advertiser
9th September 2014GCSE Results Are InCroydon Guardian
22nd August 2014A Level ResultsCroydon Advertiser
20th August 2014Pass Blast for Class of 2014Croydon Guardian
13th June 2014Quest students meet David CameronCroydon Advertiser
2nd May 2014Work nearing end on new Selsdon Quest AcademyCroydon Advertiser
18th April 2014Work is almost finished on new buildingCroydon Advertiser
21st March 2014Heads welcome boost in fundingCroydon Advertiser
24th January 2014Quest is most improved school in CroydonCroydon Advertiser
24th January 2014Quest twins aim to become rugby legendsCroydon Advertiser
9th December 2013Quest football team opens MorrisonsCroydon Guardian
6th December 2013Quest honoured for "vision, leadership & academic achievement"Croydon Advertiser
18th October 2013Quest students tour new £16m buildingCroydon Advertiser
20th September 2013The Academy That's Exceeded All ExpectationsCroydon Advertiser
30th August 2013GCSE Results - "Pupils' Prospects Are Excellent"Croydon Advertiser
23rd August 2013AS Results - "The Quest Gets Things Right"Croydon Advertiser
22nd August 2013AS Results Day - "Best Ever GCSE Results"Croydon Guardian
12th August 2013Pupils Watch School Being DemolishedCroydon Advertiser
18th July 2013Bagpipes and steel drums make music to Selsdon pupils' earsCroydon Guardian
22nd March 2013Schoolgirl gets sports mentorCroydon Advertiser
6th March 2013£16m rebuild to create 'outstanding' academyCroydon Advertiser
1st March 2013£16m rebuild to create 'outstanding' academyCroydon Advertiser
15th February 2013Head Looks forward to a 'vibrant' futureCroydon Advertiser
8th February 2013Institution is improving at optimum rateCroydon Advertiser
28th December 2012Olympic Torch visits the academyCroydon Advertiser
13th July 2012Tough Rules 'have turned around' school's fortunesCroydon Advertiser
2nd December 2011New Sixth Form OpenCroydon Guardian
2nd December 2011DofE Students' playful way to help communityCroydon Advertiser
25th November 2011Head's pride in quest to revive a failing schoolCroydon Advertiser
13th September 2011Academy Ethos Pays OffCroydon Advertiser