Over the next three weeks, all Year 8 students will be visiting the world-famous Imperial War Museum. This Wednesday, our first cohort of students travelled up to Central London to explore an array of exciting, interactive and though-provoking exhibits which bought their current scheme of learning on World War One to life.

Students enjoyed exploring the causes of the conflict, told through a collection of first-hand accounts of European leaders who plunged the continent into war in the summer of 1914. They were able to analyse a range of techniques that the British government used to recruit soldiers into the army and maintain morale on the Home Front – this will certainly come in handy in their homework project this half term of designing their very own propaganda posters! We were able to reflect on the horror and trauma of trench life, before exploring the short and long term consequences of the conflict.

Students were impeccably behaved throughout the trip, asking a range of interesting and mature questions on the exhibits we visited, and serving as exemplary ambassadors of the Academy.

B. Russell