Members of the London Fire Brigade and other agencies visited the Quest Academy in November and gave workshops to all Year 8 students. The workshops included: Drug and Alcohol, Police (CEOP), Trident, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service and Respectful Relationships.

Students received a lot of useful advice about how to look after themselves properly on the internet and on mobile phones from the Police. They were also given information about how to avoid getting involved with gangs, from Trident; First Aid from the London Ambulance Service; Fire awareness and prevention from the London Ambulance service; advice about the dangers of drugs and alcohol from the Turnaround Centre; and a new workshop, which was excellent, on Respectful Relationships.

Students had the opportunity to try on a firefighter’s uniform, and some also experienced what it feels like to be under the influence of alcohol with special ‘beer goggles’. All the students were very positive about the day and enjoyed all the workshops.

The Impact Factor Day is organised by the London Fire Brigade.