Year 8 stayed in school of their academy day this time and were treated to a fantastic day organised by Dave Gill of the London Fire Brigade.

All the students had 6 different workshops delivered by the follow agencies:- London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service, Police, Drugs and Alcohol Awareness, Mighty Men of Valour and Battersea Dogs Home.

The whole day was based around consequences.  It made the students think about the fact that everything you do has a consequence.  Sometimes these are good and sometimes they are not so good or even horrendous.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions and get involved in activities that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do, such as ‘wearing beer goggles’ that give you the same affect as if you had been drinking to dressing up in real fire fighters outfits.

All the students had a great time and were all full of very positive comments at the end of the day.

Mrs C Kemp