Students have now received three supervised lateral flow Covid-19 tests. Thanks to all parents/carers for their support with giving consent and encouraging your children to be part of this programme.

The purpose of these tests was firstly to identify any students who were asymptomatically infectious with Covid-19, and secondly to provide guidance and support to the students so they feel confident to move to a home testing regime.

All students involved in the testing now have a box containing three home test kits with full and detailed instructions.

After testing, students must report their results to the NHS as this will contribute to the statistical analysis of the spread of Covid-19. To report a result please follow the instructions in the booklet sent home or go to

Negative tests do not need to be reported to school, but please do contact us if your child’s result is positive – your child will then need to have a PCR test at a test centre.

Students should be testing themselves twice a week on a Sunday and Wednesday evening and will be given more test packs as required.