From the Director…

So the third musical and all I was focused on was producing a product worthy of public consumption.

The only way for this to happen is to make sure you have the right people. I have been blessed this year having the expert guidance and help from Abby, Alysia, Holly, Felix and Al. These shows do not exist without the likes of you. When you add to this the ever dependable dream duo of Blake and Josh then, all of a sudden, the show becomes more exciting. So that leads me onto the cast. For a start those that are still in it deserve huge praise, as many did not last the course. Six months is a long time to commit to something and the fact that this cast have done so proves they have may admirable qualities, such as endurance, perseverance and grit.

They have had to endure months of me telling them they are not good enough and they must improve (I knew they would be good enough but it is my ‘style’ not to continually praise). The wonderful thing is they have learnt to accept this standard and are sensible enough that I only criticise to improve the end product. Each year I go through a range of emotions as we move ever forwards to show time. I am left now with a resounding sense of pride in the young people that were involved in this show and will be in future performances I am sure.

So I hope those of you who are attending this evening’s final performance have a lovely evening, are genuinely entertained and then enjoy the half term!

G Kensit


Please note: Photos from the first performance will shortly be available to purchase online.