For the Autumn Term Academy Day, 32 students from years 8-10 made their way to the Greenwich Maritime Museum for the day, to explore both the museum and the theme of ‘Migration’.

Staff and students were incredibly lucky to be able to attend two workshops which gave them the opportunity to think about which historical sources would be most useful in telling us how migration has impacted the world as we know it, even getting the chance to read a 200-year-old diary! We also looked at how the representation of the world has changed according to maps as we have discovered more and more about where we live.

After an information treasure hunt in the galleries, we looked at how different migrant communities had settled in London over the years by investigating real artefacts, which told us more about their lives. We looked at sewing machines used by the Jewish community and navigation tools used by the Huguenots.

An excellent and thoroughly interesting day was had by all!