More than sixty students, identified as showing special potential in P.E, Science and Mathematics attended the visit from representatives from The Royal Institute of Science on 10th February. Their mission was to consult with and support our best athletes by providing them with an exercise and nutrition programme to enhance their performance.

Students consulted with their teachers about how they would prepare for this and what research they would undertake. Fitness logs, diaries of performance and nutrition all featured as part of this work.

Science students worked as a buddy to a P.E. student or carry out their own work and then set up a fitness and health regime in order to enhance the performance of their chosen athlete.

On November 11th 2017, over forty pupils Identified as being more able in Humanities and the Arts will participate in a trip to Glyndebourne to see “Belongings”, a newly commissioned opera by Lewis Murphy (Glyndebourne’s Young Composer-in-Residence). The opera tracks the journeys of two groups of young people, divided by decades but united by the geographical displacement they experience.

Our staff are continuously striving to develop further our provision for these students in lessons as well as in the wider curriculum. Next term shall see more exciting developments for them across the curriculum as well as part of our enrichment work.

L. Mcleod